• Sep 11, 2018


Follow-up. Follow-up. Follow-up. Following up is the #1 rule if you are going to have any success in your business. However, it isn’t just about following up. In order to be effective, your follow-up can’t drive your prospects crazy.

I had to learn this the hard way. When I first entered the world of sales many years ago, I would follow-up with people to the point of wasting their time and my time. I was driving my prospects crazy and was making myself frustrated in the process. 

So, how can you follow-up relentlessly without driving your prospects crazy?

First, make sure the prospect you are following up with is someone with whom you actually want to do business. The old saying: “A no just means not today” is absolutely false. There will be some prospects who really mean no when they say no. Besides, the world is too big to keep chasing prospects who aren’t interested in you. If, by chance, you do finally land this prospect, you may later regret it. Trust me, I know this from experience.

Second, once you are certain you have a prospect that you want to do business with, make sure you figure out what their needs really are. If someone is interested in your service, but doesn’t need you to provide that service until 3 months from now, don’t keep contacting them between now and then asking them if they are ready. Instead, put the time down in your calendar and contact them when they told you that they will need your service.

I once lost business because I continued to “harass” a prospect to the point where I was wasting their time. They told me to contact them at a specific time, but I continued to contact them before that time. In doing so, they ended up moving on and not using me. This is when follow-up can become a bad thing. Therefore, it is vital that you listen to your prospect’s needs.

Finally, you should make your follow-up fun. This is the benefit of promotional products. We have received the majority of our clients by following up with fun promotional items. For example, often we will send out seed paper in the shape of a foot letting our prospects know that we just want to get our “foot in the door.”

This is a fun, non-threatening way to get the attention of your prospects. Make follow-up fun for you and your clients.

For more ideas on how to follow-up effectively, please contact me at kevin@pendergrasspromos.com.  

-        Kevin Pendergrass

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