• Sep 13, 2017


Nearly 70% of Americans participate in Halloween parties and activities, making Halloween a great time to promote your business. With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to be purchasing your promotional products! In this article, I want to share some Halloween ideas and safety tips that will make this Halloween one to remember.


#1: Utilize specialty Items. With items such as LED skull mugs, glow slime, pumpkin carving scoops and pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters, you can make yourself stand out from your competition!


#2: Educate others on Halloween safety. What better way to promote Halloween safety than to provide a fun, educational coloring book for children? With your logo printed on these books, parents will remember your kind gesture for years to come!


#3: Use decorations that are safe. Instead of using real candles, provide your clients and friends with a safe promotional item such as glow candles or LED candles! This is not just an item that they can use for Halloween, but for other practical purposes as well.


#4: “Glow” all out! Whether you will be handing out reflective bags or glow in the dark wrist bands and necklaces, remember to stay as visible as possible (and keep your children as visible as possible). Clients will gladly accept any “glow” items you want to give them, making glow items fantastic giveaways.


#5: Have fun! Halloween is one holiday where pranks and jokes are typically accepted (and sometimes even expected). Take advantage of this whimsical time and give away promo items that are fun, silly and different! And who doesn't love candy? For specific ideas that meet your need, contact us and we will work with you to find the perfect products.  


- Kevin Pendergrass 



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