• Mar 12, 2018

For a business to succeed, it must sell its products or services. The location may be perfect, the staff may be professional, and the office may be organized and have the latest technology available. However, if that business isn't selling its products or services, then it will ultimately fail.  


Oftentimes there is a major disconnect in the relationship between marketing and sales. In working with hundreds of businesses, this is something I see every day. The marketing department and the sales department are not on the same page. You shouldn’t sell to market yourself; you should be marketing yourself to sell.


Distractions are all around us. It is tempting to care more about perception than it is reality. Therefore, many businesses are marketing themselves for the sake of marketing. How many “likes” on Facebook can they get? How many “connections” on LinkedIn do they have? While these things in and of themselves are not bad, they also aren’t your end game, or at least they shouldn’t be.


The goal in business is not to see how many “likes” you can get, nor is it to see how many connections you can make. The goal in business is to make money and you can only do that when you are selling.


The reason our company exists is to help harmonize your marketing department with your sales department by teaching you how to use promotional products. Promotional products are the most statistically effective means of advertisement.


Are you tired of simply counting “likes?” Are you ready to start counting orders? Are you ready to start making money, and not just “connections?” If so, we can help you with that. Let us help you connect the disconnect in your business!


Kevin Pendergrass


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