Setup fees cover the labor and material costs of your art for each order and product. This includes setting up equipment, digitizing designs, making screens and plates, designing molds, etc. Setup charges will vary from item to item. Most setup charges include a one color, one location imprint.  

Some items offer additional print locations and imprint colors. Instead of having just a one color imprint, you may have the option of using multiple colors. However, please note that there is usually a charge for additional imprint colors and/or locations. The majority of products include a one color, one location imprint.  

If you want an exact color match for your imprint, then we must have your PMS (pantone) color(s). There is usually an additional fee for a PMS color match (dependent upon which product you order). Even with your PMS color, please note that the fabric and texture on which your color prints can alter the color even with a PMS match. As we will attempt to get as close to your color as possible, we cannot guarantee a 100% perfect match because of the aforementioned variables. 

A proof is how the art/logo will appear on your product. Once you place your order with the proper art file, an electronic proof will be prepared for your order and sent to you through e-mail within 1-3 days. Please carefully review the proof for spelling, grammar, correct numbers, etc. Any additional changes/proofs made after your first complimentary factory proof could result in additional changes. We are only responsible for printing your product according to the final proof you receive. 

Pendergrass Promos Inc. is responsible for printing your product(s) according to the final proof and only according to the final proof. We will be printing your product(s) according to the final proof and are not held responsible for any other art that may have been sent or produced by the client or Pendergrass Promos Inc. before the final proof. When preparing the final proof with your logo/imprint designs (and/or any information to the final proof), phone numbers, names, spellings, and any other applicable information can sometimes be accidentally changed.

If you approve the final proof, we are not responsible for any error that may have taken place in preparation, by either that of the client’s fault or our own. Please check the accuracy of the product itself and all information applicable to your order such as the specific material(s), color(s), sizes, spelling, numbers, and any other applicable information that could otherwise be related to the order to ensure your proof is correct before approving. Pendergrass Promos Inc. will not be held responsible nor liable for any oversights when it comes to the proof. The client is responsible for notifying us before they approve if any changes need to take place.

After you approve your proof, the average lead time is 2 weeks or 10 business days. Lead time could vary depending upon each particular order. Even though our typical turnaround time after the proof approval is two weeks, we highly recommend beginning your order 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure on time delivery.  

In dealing with high quantity factory produced products, overruns are to be expected. An overrun is where you may receive a few more items of the product than you ordered. This is standard and typical in the promotional product industry. To avoid overruns, you may request no overruns but in doing so there may be an underrun. Overruns and underruns are usually very small in quantity and typically only affect orders that must be exact. In order to ensure an exact order, you can pay an additional fee. Since overruns and underruns are usually insignificant, an exact order fee is scarcely utilized or necessary.     


If you receive items that you believe are damaged or misprinted (according to the order and proof you approved), you must report this to us within five business days of receipt of delivery.

If the item(s) are indeed damaged or misprinted (according to the order and proof you approved), then, depending upon the specific situation, a solution of either a reprint or refund will be provided. If items are not damaged or misprinted (according to the proof you approved), no refunds or replacements will be issued.  

*Note: In the promotional product industry, it is industry standard to have a small percentage of allowable loss for misprinted items. In these situations, refunds or reprints will be examined and taken into consideration on a case by case basis. 

Pendergrass Promos is not responsibility for in-hands dates or deadlines. If you have any questions or concerns about your order arriving by a certain date, please verify before ordering. 

Once an order has been approved, it cannot be cancelled or changed. 

100 % of the payment is due upon order and order will not be placed until payment is made. With a credit check, special payment options may be available for larger and/or continuous orders. For clients with established payment terms, the client will be billed upon receipt of goods, and payment will be due on the date shown on the invoice. We accept all major methods of payment including credit and debit cards, personal checks and business checks. For clients with Net30 payment terms, checks will be the only accepted payment method.


All products are made to order and once made, they cannot be unmade. While we provide complete disclosure on all of our products to the best of our ability, it is the responsibility of the customer to understand what they are ordering before making a final purchase. This includes quality of product, color of product, color of imprint, product size, imprint size or any other possible concerns or questions that may be related to the order. If the order has been delivered in accordance with the confirmed and approved estimate/invoice and proof, then Pendergrass Promos is not held liable for buyers remorse or oversights made by the client.