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What is it about Pendergrass Promos that makes us different? Well, we could give you the intangible difference by telling you that, "we have the best customer service ever." While that is true, we believe that great customer service should be a given. You need to know what makes us different. How is our service better than the next person? We know you want concrete and tangible reasons as to why we are different --- and not just different, but better. So, what sets us apart? 

Complimentary Consulting and Brainstorming

If we are going to give you reasons as to why we are the best, we might as well start out with the best reason. As a promotional product company, we are quite unique in that we offer complimentary consultations and marketing services to our clients that other companies charge thousands (yes, literally thousands) of dollars for. Our promotional product plans are so effective that we have had clients terminate their business coach they were paying thousands of dollars for because we were bringing results to their ROI that their coach was not. To learn more about what these plans encompass, click here. 

Locally Owned

We are locally owned and operated, we are not a franchise. This allows us all the freedom we want when working with you. We are right up (or down) the road from you! 

Specialty Company

Unlike many companies that are our contemporaries, we don't just try to "sell stuff." Sure, we have over 1 million products, but our goal isn't to try and sell every product to you; our goal is to try and find the perfect products for you. We specialize in research and marketing solutions. 

Competitive Pricing

Being a part of one of the largest promotional product buying groups, we are able to offer competitive pricing. We are able to compete with the largest online franchised companies. With Pendergrass Promos, you don't have to sacrifice service for a good price.